Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which Rooster is Calling?

I am an avid reader, minored in English, am not one to shirk from challenging literature. But my pet peeve is when there are too many characters, and I can't keep them all straight in my head. I admit to putting down some books unfinished because the cast grew too confusing.

There are too many roosters lately. They come and go, and sometimes change on a moment's notice. I can't even tell anymore which one has been here longest, or when I saw this or that one last. I am confused. Woefully confused.

Tonight, the rooster sauntered in late with a babysitter (our school is on vacation, but I still work), after I got home, after I started to worry for the second day in a row, but how could I complain when I could see in the strut as he got out of the car and walked toward the house that the calm rooster was making an entrance? His voice, his mannerisms indicated green lights on all systems, so I made no fuss about their tardiness, I just paid the sitter and sent her quickly on her way so I would have a chance to play turn-taking games outside with my two sweet kids before the sweetness hit the road.

We played baby basketball, we rode the scooter, we spun in circles, taking turns each time. No one cried. The rooster got out one Frisbee for himself and then made a point of getting the other one for Peaches. After I would push him on a toy, he would say, "Now it's Peaches' turn!" This lasted at least half an hour, but I think longer.

Out of nowhere, he pushed her. Not hard, but she landed on her butt, and I know she had the same thought I did, "Which rooster is this now? And is he staying?" For a couple of minutes the rooster blew raspberries at us, ranted, and made little sense, in a major snit, and then, poof, he melted back. "Let's go inside and play!" he called. "I'm ready to watch some Sesame Street!"

The variability adds painfully to the mystery of why: have dietaries changes helped? But then why the sudden outburst? Was he well pretty well regulated from a day of physical exertion and free play, but just not perfectly regulated? Is it any of the other many changes we've tried? Is this just part of the deal?

Do not get me wrong: inconsistency beats the heck out of consistent misery. I am grateful for each good moment. Living with our breath held feels a bit reminscent of growing up around drunks, but I can deal with it. It is easier, though, when I don't wander too far into wondering why...


Anonymous said...

its just part of the deal.....sorry.

Joeymom said...

It's the air. We've been having a good week for no apparent reason (and only the occasional issue) too. Spring must be here or something.