Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Kids I CAN Help

I have a crazy love passion for the Internet.
It makes things happen. It connects. It HELPS.

Last night almost as an afterthought I asked for help with this project I'm working on with some delicious fifth graders. There are 60 kids working beautifully and THINKING so hard, it is the joy of my days lately. Anyway, I tossed out a small handful of their topics, and already one person wrote to offer a resource.

SO, just in case there are more people out there with expertise on any of these topics, I cannot resist listing them below. Please forgive me for the annoying advertisement like this for something totally unrelated to the rooster, but since I'm not a heck of a lot of help to him these days, it feels therapeutic to help someone else's kids.

Looking for people with expertise on:
Esther Morris, women's activist
Myrtle Beach golf
Stone Mountain, GA
Graceland / Elvis
Little Rock Nine
Zion National Park
Indy 500
Roswell / UFOs
Baraboo Circus Museum
Oklahoma's Native Americans
Creole culture
The 1st Nuclear Submarine
Maple industry
The Dust Bowl
Paul Bunyan
Hoover Dam
Bering Strait
Mt Rushmore
Grand Canyon
Iowa Caucuses
Appalachian music and dance
Fluorescent rocks
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Hell's Canyon, Idaho
Blue Crabs
Olympia National Park
Holland Tulip Festival in Michigan
Lewis and Clark Train in ND
Coal mining disasters
Japanese Inernment Camps
Tennis Hall of Fame
1933 World's Fair
Edwards Air Force Base
Jesse James
Selma to Montgomery Walk
Eli Lilly
Colorado's wildlife
Quoddy Head
Salem Witch House
Robert Frost
Kensington Runestone
Lumber Industry in Oregon
McCoys and Hatfields
Sweet Potato industry of North Carolina

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