Saturday, March 15, 2008

ABCs - Teach Me!

My head is throbbing.

Our dream doctor mentioned she might want our rooster to get ABA treatment. Our neighbor uses floor time. My husband is interested in the DAN diet. I've been trying to read about it all... every acronym leads to another... it's all too much!

Can anyone tell me where I buy the Reader's Digest version of spectrum disorder ABCs?

I don't know how to choose the best route if I can't read the road signs.


Niksmom said...

Try this one for starters:

BTW, ABC can also stand for "aberrant behaviors checklist" —you know, since no letters are safe to string together anymore! LOL

Are you still breathing? (Just checking!)

Joeymom said...

Yeah, we had that problem, too. I've been thinking about putting together an autism lexicon, but time is at a premium these days.

I recommend ASAT ( because it lists a lot of the different therapies and tells you which have research done, which don't, and which are promising- and which are "not recommended." It also tells you about different providers. Gives you a pretty nice, quickie overview to start and get your bearings.