Friday, March 21, 2008


I feel like we finally completed our badge requirements and now it's time for an induction ceremony of some kind. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a diagnosis.

And a lot of homework.

And too many choices, none of them easy.

I'm drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade. I think the last drink I had might have been in 2003. I quit drinking because alcohol makes me too tired. For some reason, that makes me laugh right now! I am cracking up! Probably because I am drinking. Or maybe I'm drinking because I'm cracking up? And now I have to go to bed. I'm exhausted.

Meet you later at the club house?


gretchen said...

Welcome to the club! You made it through the hazing!

Bill and I felt that having a diagnosis helped us immensely. Just knowing what we were up against and having a better idea what we should be able to change (ie- why is our kid such a brat?) vs. ok, this is autism, not just bad parenting on our part.

I hope that this brings you some peace as well.

Oh, and alcohol makes me sleepy too, but I have never given it up :-) Maybe we should try those Red Bull/booze drinks?

Joeymom said...

Welcome to the club. Buy more lemonade. I'll be over in a few. I need to drink more. ;)

redheadmomma said...

Tell us more about the rooster's dx, or what the report said. And welcome - it's the club no one wanted to be in, but there are some pretty amazing people in our club, many that I am proud to call friends.

:) We're thinking of you!