Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Third Shoe Drops

Some of you wondered about the third coincidence?

I wandered over to Kristen Spina's beautiful blog to wade around and soak up wisdom. She had written several blogs for me that I'd been thinking of but now I know they're done and she said it better than I could've... about sleep interruptions, about realizing that you expect your child to "grow out of it," about the realization that this is not a phase... wow, so much like what we're experiencing in my house, that would be enough of a coincidence. And I see she's from LA, and will be here this summer, and I think maybe I can find her the tutor she says she needs, and that would be coincidence enough. But then I find she wrote about Rooster Calls. I don't know what to even make of it. All I know is that I've had, my whole life, collections of writers I admire, and I've imagined their lives, imagined meeting them, but none of them ever knew it. Now I have a writer I admire who actually made me feel welcome in the community. So the third coincidence actually has three coincidences. What a coincidence!


Jordan said...

Glad you completed your set!

Kristen is a gem. For sure.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are making me cry. I can't wait to meet you this summer and, well, you can't imagine how it makes me feel to hear your words, to know that maybe I can give back some of the kindness and support I've gotten out here from all these other wonderful and inspiring parents.

Hang in there. I say this with a great deal of hope: you are only just beginning. It WILL get easier, smoother, less jarring. It will.