Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back in Business

Okay, I don't know what is going on around here, but in the last hour, SOMETHING happened, and I'm hoping someone reading this can tell me WHAT.

The rooster is back. He's back. Ask my husband. Transformation!

Almost a week ago, the rooster disappeared like he'd been in the Parent Trap and had a twin. I was not nearly so fond of this twin as of my real rooster. This twin had a strange affect and body language, and spent all week spitting at people. Rage simmered under this twin's surface. I drove this twin home today. I can't figure out where he went, but I have a few theories. Please, I really need someone else's opinion.

Last night, for the first time in about a month, we didn't give the rooster Melatonin. Could it have been building up to some side affects? And then when it got out of his system, the rooster returned? Could we have been giving him something that hurt him? I HOPE NOT. BECAUSE WE GAVE HIM SOME TONIGHT. AND I DON'T WANT THAT TWIN BACK TOMORROW. Plus, you could say, "Well, just don't give him any more Melatonin." What I would hear is, "Well, so what if you never sleep again?" I mean, sure, we could do that. But let's look at our other choices, shall we?

The rooster seemed like floor time set him off last week. Could it be that he just got around to forgiving us for it? I HOPE NOT. BECAUSE WE ARE GOING AGAIN TOMORROW.

The rooster has had a snotty nose for the last 3 1/2 years, but sometimes it's worse than others. Tonight he seemed to be clearing up somewhat. Maybe when he feels better, he feels better, if you follow me?

And diet -- what about that? Maybe it's a gluten thing, or a -- I don't even know what this word means let alone how to spell it -- a cassien thing? Or dairy? Maybe he had a sugar thing going on?

Maybe he understood that we're going to see a doctor tomorrow and he wanted to make us look nuts when we try to describe the past week. "I swear, Mr. Mechanic, it's made the terrible noise for a month now..."

Or, here is a theory. The rooster is a changeling. He's going to have ups and downs and good times and bad. Period. We had bad, really bad, and now it's easing up.

Or, this: more than a few people who really know how to send good thoughts and vibes and prayers and all that great stuff have been pulling for us. Yep, I'm talking about you now. Maybe you brought the rooster back tonight. And if you did, let me tell you, I am baking you some kick ass cookies.

Because I watched him skip down the hall. I heard him VOL-UN-TEER, "Mommy, I love you so much!" I looked at my husband, and he looked at me, and we both absolutely knew one hundred percent without any doubt that a different boy had been sleeping under our roof for the last week, but suddenly, out of the blue, mid conversation, over a bowl of messily slurped soup, tada! THE ROOSTER CAME BACK!

I want to tell everyone! EXCEPT THE DEITIES WHO HATE ME. The rooster is home!


Anonymous said...

I came here last month when it was going around that you were new and needed welcoming. I tried my best but the comments kept kicking me out. So I dropped out of blogland for a little while. Tonight I just spent hours reading a month's worth of your posts.

My heart breaks for you and with you.

Did anyone explain melatonin to you? We all have it in us, and we need it to sleep. Too much throws our bodies out of wack. The sun is what breaks it up and flushes it out of the system. So if he was better off the melatonin and then tomorrow is bad again, maybe you need a smaller dose. Or maybe more sunshine. Did he go to sleep okay with out it? Maybe an alternating schedule. Just some things to think on.

As for two different children. J has his jekyl and hyde days as well. Sometimes there is a switch in a matter of minutes and sometimes it lasts days. Its all about looking for the patterns, and if something has only happened once, like floortime, you can't count on it as a pattern.

But like others have told you, sometimes we have to endure the fallout from changes if we want the results that the changes can eventually produce.

I'm adding you to my RSS feeds so I won't forget to come back again.

Jordan said...

Wow! That's fantastic! I hope he slept with the melatonin and that he's still feeling like himself today. Good luck with your appointment.

Anonymous said...

He's a changling. They all are. And trying to predict and figure it out? Well, good luck on that.

I remember being at a well-visit appt. with the pediatrician, and sobbing my eyes out that the boy never sleeps, he's up and down all night and it was killing me. My son, who was 3, watched quietly. The doctor had no useful advice. "It's common," he said. Guess what? That night, my son slept straight through and that pattern continued for months and months. We do have the occasional relapse, but my point is, sometimes they sense things. Like mom's at the end of her rope. And they respond.

Maybe that's what happened with the Rooster?

Good luck today!!

PBear said...


Of course, I vote for this one - "Maybe he understood that we're going to see a doctor tomorrow and he wanted to make us look nuts when we try to describe the past week. "I swear, Mr. Mechanic, it's made the terrible noise for a month now..."

but the reality is it's more likely to be this one:
He's going to have ups and downs and good times and bad. Period. We had bad, really bad, and now it's easing up.

Good luck at the doctor today, I'm praying for you all.


Anonymous said...

YAY! for the return of the rooster! ALL HAIL THE ROOSTER!

Christine said...

I have given up trying to figure these things out. Nothing happens in a vacuum so cause and effect is so difficult.

I'm glad your little guy is back to his old self, anyway!

Be sure and let us know how the appt. goes.

Sustenance Scout said...

Ditto! Here's hoping the appointment went well...and that you all have a quiet restful weekend. Hugs from Denver, K.

Niksmom said...

I hope the Dr. appointment went well today —in spite of Rooster being back to his loving, wonderful self! ;-)

Ups and downs, ups and downs. There are times I think I've figured out what causes X and then all of a sudden it doesn't. Sometimes you gotta just strap on your shin guards and roll with it, you know?

But, you can feel free to go right ahead and make us those "kisck-ass" cookies anyway! ;-)