Monday, March 17, 2008


If I didn't find blogging...
that sounds like the start of a very sad story.
Thank you for reading this.


Jordan said...

We're out here and we hear you.

I'm sorry this happened to you tonight, but you showed such bravery and strength. Your son needs that strength desperately and he is so lucky to have you.

Sending love and hope your way tonight.

Niksmom said...

Oh, G, I wish I could be there to comfort you and help ease your pain, your fear, your doubts and worries about Rooster. All I can do is tell you that something, somehow, somewhere has got to give and shine a light on this darkness which threatens to swallow you whole.

Until then, know —truly know in your heart— that there are so many of us out here holding you in our hearts and sending you love, comfort, and safe, healing energy along with prayers for answers, information, solutions.

Anonymous said...

Gayle, I'm here. I'm listening. And yes, it is scary as hell. I hope someone is with you, someone who can wrap their arms around you and tell you this will be okay. Because it will be okay.

I learned to let my son rage. To not react. The more I reacted, the more upset he got and the longer it took for everyone to calm down. He can't process anything you are saying when he is that upset, that angry. You have to make sure he is safe and you have to stay calm.

Gayle, this will get better. It is so freakin' hard, but it will get better. You are going to figure out a whole new way to parent the Rooster--therapists will help him, but they will also help you. They will give you strategies, coping skills. It will turn things around.

You just have to get there. You just have to get it started. You can email me anytime. I will do my best, anything to help you.

Just hold on...and keep writing.

Mary said...

You're not alone. I know it feels like you are, but you're not. Really.

Sending you strength.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to Kristen. She's been forging the road ahead of us.