Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rooster Says...

My son, aka Rooster, dictated this to me:

"Autism is like a fog that clouds your brain but you can fight that fog with learning. Autism is simply a hard thing for most kids. It does not make life hard it just makes learning hard. Autism makes you special with all the rich imagination in your brain. My experience with autism is very hard. I tend to do strange things. I tend to talk about strange things that no one wants to talk about. Autism makes it hard to make friends. Autism does not make families sad, it makes them happy to have their own special kid in their life. Autism does not make people’s lives too hard, it makes their lives lighten up a little bit. They can be proud how much their kids are learning and how they are managing life with autism. It can be hard when you have a life with autism but you still can make friends."

I don't yet know how I feel about WHAT he said, but I know he has a right to his own feelings, and so I felt like I had to share.