Friday, March 22, 2013

The Heart Is Searching

I don't share much about our little home, but I love it very much. It is a home to us, while so many places I lived were places I lived.

Tuesday I plan to talk to a realtor about selling our house. If we move two streets over or more, we move into a district that we can only hope will treat us better than the one that serves our cozy, sweet, homey home (with the lovely trees and shady street and indulgent bathroom and best neighbors).

My boy comes in and says, "Mommy? Can I get cozy with you? Can we cuddle up and watch" My boy says, "Can I kiss your cheek, mama?" So where he goes, where he finds joy, where people welcome him, that will be our home. My family is my home.

And so many places where he's gone to school have been just places where he's gone to school, and I want him to have a learning home.