Monday, July 28, 2014

Listen To The Story

Peaches is listening rather patiently as Rooster tells an involved tale of conflict and chaos in the car. All of a sudden she interrupts. "I don't get it she says." We have a long pause. Then, "The bad guys are trying to destroy the good guys. And the good guys are trying to destroy the bad guys? But if they are trying to destroy, aren't they bad guys? How can you be the good ones if you are trying to destroy?"

My child. She speaks truth. I think about this, about how I want to keep thinking about this, how I want to explore it more, wrestle with the ideas she is surfacing, and I think: I might need to start blogging again.

I have always been a selfish blogger, in what I think of as the "healthy selfish" sense of things. I have not really blogged FOR anyone else. For me, it's not about audience, except for myself as audience.

Blogging helps me process, and knowing I am blogging helps me listen.

I realize this was never a blog about autism. This is a blog about my family. Autism is a part of my family, and I am no longer sorry about that.

And I don't want to destroy the autism in my son! I love him exactly the way he is, just as I love Peaches the way she is, knowing autism has been an important part of both of their lives. Our lives.