Friday, March 21, 2008

Found Time

Some people have asked, "How do you find time to blog?"

I think most of these people mean it in an encouraging way, like, "Wow, all that on your plate, and still you manage to blog. Good job."

Sometimes I get insecure, and what I hear is, "Aren't there more important things you should be doing with your time?" Probably no one is even saying it even if I am hearing it - I, the consumate worrier.

But if anyone ever did say that to me, I have an answer. Or ten, as is my way.

First, never worry that I'm blogging when my kids need me with them. When we're not all at school together, or not all in the car together, we're all something else together, together. I usually "find the time" to blog by trimming all the fat from my schedule in the hour after they are asleep and before I am. You know, like showers. Save the planet. And bills. I used to take care of bills and paperwork before bed time. Then I realized I could label three giant moving boxes from our garage SHRED, FILE and TRASH, dump most paperwork into the latter, and let everything else stack up on the kitchen counter for a few months while I blog my way back to enough sanity to manage a checkbook again. Which brings me to my second point...

I do not actually find time to blog. It just happens. Unplanned, naturally, like growth. I am posting right now, but I swear I didn't set out to, I came to look something up online and tada, here I am.

Third truth: I don't think I could have gotten through the last few months with as much of my soul intact if I hadn't found blogging.

So, nope, there really isn't anything more important I should be doing right now. Like my mom's friend once said about the diamond tennis bracelet and red convertible she squeezed out of her cheating husband, "It's cheaper than therapy!"


Joeymom said...

Yep. It just sorta happens. And its something you can do in those three-minute strange intervals between life and life. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this. I sometimes read between the lines (or so I think) and hear people ask shouldn't I be doing something more worthwhile.

To the question of how do I find time, I tell people to check the time stamps. Most of my posts appear between 11 and midnight ... appears the only thing I sacrifice is sleep. Yawn.