Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting the Funk Out

Mired and mucked and stuck in my funk, I've grown a bit quiet, wanting to comment on posts and write my own, but not there yet.

Today is an exercise in exertion, rather than my usual therapy-through-writing, but I need to quilt together the scraps I've stuffed into my pockets and recesses or else I will not be able to think.

1. Those of you who have been writing about GFCF? Questioning and trying and wondering and looking for input? I've loved your posts, admired your efforts, and understood your doubts. I just say to you: it FEELS like it helps our boy, and so that makes it good for our family. Sure, it's hard. Hey, special needs, right? But if it helps your kid, or helps you feel like you help your kid, than I say hang in there. And if it doesn't, then save your energies for more productive paths. But, if you're on the border, and you're looking for encouragement, here is some for you:
Google. Find the best stores in your area. Read GFCF blogs. Buy the Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook. If you have a Trader Joe's, get the awesome mixes. Make a bazillion waffles or pancakes with gfcf (Enjoy Life) chocolate chips and freeze what you can't eat. Order stuff online. Have a GFCF party and invite friends. See how many cool things you can put on rice cakes. Email me. We'll swap tips.
2. I'm fantasizing about relocating to Albuquerque. Now, it is HIGHLY unlikely that we will do this. But I'm curious; anyone know anything about life --- special needs life --- in New Mexico?
3. If I owe you a thank you note, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I've never had a harder time facing that task. THANK YOU.
4. The rooster discovered puzzles finally. I watched him today, and marvelled. Now, it's hard for me to gauge how he was doing since I all but burned all those stupid milestone books years ago. But at his first evaluation, more than two years ago, when he charmed the team into believing I was the one with special needs, the one task he refused to do was a puzzle. (I was glad at least that they caught a glimpse of the noncompliance I had described so that they didn't think I was just the moron Dennis Leary thinks I am.) I blogged about this before, but it warrants retelling: the teacher on the team asked if he had any special interests, and maybe she'd have the right puzzle to tempt my boy. I said animals, so she brought him a horse puzzle. "Rooster," she asked, "do you know where the horse's head goes?" And he knew alright. He said, "The horses head goes BACK IN THE BOX." He was 2 then, he's more than 4 1/2 now, and he's avoided puzzles like they might bite ever since. Today, though, Peaches had out a Scooby Doo puzzle for ages 3-7 that she got for Christmas, and when she turned her back, the Rooster took over. He put together 8 pieces, six in the right place, and remained utterly engaged until it was time to head out the door. It delighted me. He's also started drawing, which is another task he responds to with surprising and unusual distaste.
4. We started a B vitamin cream after the lead reports caused concern. We rub lotion on his back each night -- it's been about 4 weeks now. When we went to OT, the therapist who we hadn't seen in a while due to holidays asked, "What's different?" She found him more compliant, and his fine motor skills improved. He cut paper, held things with a decent grasp, did well on some large motor things too, and got along with another child in the room who isn't usually there. Could be a coincidence. Could be B?

Wow, this actually turned in to a real post. Of course, I've been writing it on and off this whole day long instead of my usual quick, healthy feeling purge, but sometimes it's hard to work out when you haven't in a while, and you need to do a little at a time.

Happy New Year wishes to everyone. And I want you to know how glad I am for you all. To the other bloggers -- I've been thinking of YOU and your kids a lot lately -- sending get well wishes to you-know-who-you-are (ykwya), house sale wishes to ykwya, voodoo power to Mama Bear ykwya, and I've been desperately curious about the romance of ykwya...

Whew. I think I just shook off some funk.

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Niksmom said...

Hm, I need to try taht writing in dribs and drabs...might help me write more!

Glad you're back and it sounds like things are decent. Hey, decent is good! :-) xo