Friday, January 30, 2009

One Ingredient Shy

I think of that joke, "One brick shy of a full load." It's me. No, I'm not crazy, or stupid, but in a number of areas, I'd be an expert, if I didn't lack a crucial brick. It's like missing the eggs in the omelet. Here is what I mean.
I could be a home-schooler, only I have more patience with other people's kids than my own.
I would love to be a standup comic, only I have stage fright.
I sometimes dream of being a professional writer, but the truth is I never can manage to care if anyone but me likes what I have to say.
I'd make an amazing doctor - if I didn't suck at science. Other than that, I could teach most of our specialists a thing or two.
I'd love to be a philanthropist, but I don't have the money.
I used to want to see the world, but most forms of transportation make me crazy.
I dream of getting another degree, but I can't manage to read the Times.
I'd like to be a leader, but my energy ran out.
I'd make a good activist, I'm just missing my cause.
I get jealous sometimes of large families, but I seem inadequate at raising just two kids.
In some ways I have the makings of an excellent person of faith - except for the pesky problem of occasionally believing that there are deities who hate me.
I wish I could be a blood doner, but I faint.
I have the makings of a innovator, except I'm allergic to commerce.

Do you have any incomplete recipes you want to share?

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