Monday, January 12, 2009

What Happened in Vegas...

I realized that I never shared how much we enjoyed our Vegas getaway. Yeah, you're not getting that kind of detail, so now focus. What I want to tell you is how unVegasy we were, and how we loved it.

Most people's top five things to do in Vegas:
1. Stay someplace cool on the strip.
2. Eat at buffets until they need larger clothes.
3. See a show.
4. Gamble.
5. Drink and party all night.

Um, nope, we didn't do any of those. Our top five things we did in Vegas:
1. Stayed 10 miles from the strip, at Red Rocks, with a glorious view each morning.
2. Ate breakfast in bed.
3. Went to an aquarium.
4. Got a couple's massage.
5. Watched movies at night and fell asleep by ten, then watched football in the day time and took a nap at the half.

The way we see it, Vegas totally rocks.

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pixiemama said...

Vegas has never sounded cooler.


Happy for you...