Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today I watched my son play ball with another child for the first time ever, on the yard where I've watched countless other children play ball together for almost fourteen years, and where I've watched his classmates play together for almost two years while he ran around in wide circles avoiding reciprocal play.
Today my son's shadow was late to work again, and the teachers said it's a problem.
Today I peeked in my daughter's window and watched her play, and I couldn't help realize how rarely I stop at her window, and how nice it is to watch her have fun in school with her friends.
Today I jinxed my son by calling my husband and describing the good morning.
Today my work day filled to the brim with dramas and problems, and I left many still stewing for tomorrow.
Today I took a moment to chat with other moms in the hall, trying to enjoy being just another mom for a minute before putting all my hats back on again.
Today I picked my son up early because he was fighting in aftercare.
Today I gave my kids a bath, wondering when they got their last one --- eww.
Today I worked on insurance paperwork for the third time and still haven't finished.
Today I found out we underpaid our taxes significantly through no fault of our own, and will need to pay a hefty sum.
Today I sent angry email to some lenders who screwed up.
Today I gave gifts, sent cards, checked on people, made calls, apologized, explained, thanked, appreciated.
Today another person stopped me in the hall to suggest an autism resource.
Today I cobbled together meals from scraps and leftovers and found food.
Today my husband went out of his way to support me and help with my work.
Today I did not exercise and am full of excuses.
Today I nearly ran out of battery on my iPhone.
Today I heard some worrisome news about a friend.
Today my two year old daughter explained how I could handle my son's naughty behavior more effectively.
Today I read articles about Strattera.
Today I arranged to get a sitter for a few hours this weekend.
Today I took away my son's popsicle because of how he acted.
Today I drove too fast, until my daughter admonished me from the back seat to be careful.
Today I listened to the same book on tape I've heard 76 times and realized I don't know what happens; I zone out each and every time.
Today I washed my hands to avoid the circulating flu until they dried out and I wondered if they might begin shedding.
Today I gave and got many kisses from two short people.
Today I enjoyed reading about my friends on Facebook.
Today my son told me he scratched a classmate on the face and made her bleed, and I've been worrying ever since how to deal with tomorrow. Today my son told me he scratched a classmate on the face and made her bleed, and I've been worrying ever since how to deal with tomorrow.
Today I got a pimple. Ick.
Today I didn't get a shower. Ew.
Today I woke up tired.
Today I go to bed weary.
Today is a lot like yesterday, but hopefully not too much like tomorrow.
Until then...
How was your today?


mama edge said...

Today, I am so glad I started my day by reading your post. It ROCKED!

redheadmomma said...

You did enough for an army today!!! I'm inspired to blog about my day now. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The sun will come up, tomorrow...