Friday, January 30, 2009

25 more

Yeah, I did the Facebook Meme. It was either too easy or too hard, because my obnoxious brain cannot stop thinking up more than 25. Rather than ick out all of Facebook, I thought I'd come to a gentler audience to release the trapped list from my bulging mind. Forgive me if this one reads like a confessional.

Tweny-five More
1. Eating makes me hungry.
2. I think too often about death.
3. When a book is too sad or too scary, I skim.
4. I have more kinds of guilt as a mom than Baskin-Robbins has flavors. VASTLY more. Exponentially more.
5. I dream about work about 4 nights a week.
6. I am too sarcastic toward my husband.
7. I am morally opposed to the death penalty but every time I hear the whole story behind a murder, I find myself thinking, "Except this time. This guy deserves it." Then, my situational ethics bother me.
8. I've had too many close friends where the friendship just ended, and I let it.
9. When I nursed my babies, I got totally lopsided. Sorry, TMI.
10. I had the worst crush on Bo Duke when I was ten.
11. I have overdue library books.
12. When I was single, one Christmas I went out for drinks with two old friends when we were all back home again -- a guy I'd lusted after years before, and a lesbian. When they ended up hooking up, it hurt my feelings!
13. Jack Nicholson once yelled at me.
14. I've had a lot of last names. This causes me no end of issues.
15. When my husband isn't home, I can't sleep. The house makes too many weird noises. He's not home now. See? Here I am. (Did you hear that?)
16. My gray hairs bother me. It bothers me that they bother me.
17. My favorite game is called Apples to Apples. I urge you to buy it. Play it. Invite me over.
18. I always enjoy reading classified ads. I always have. House listings, too.
19. Sometimes I read blogs on Google Reader while I drive. I am trying very hard to quit, because it's a terrible thing to do. In LA, at least, I'm rarely driving above 5mph.
20. I am OCD about leaving my house. Usually, I leave before my husband, and command him, "Check everything!"
21. Sometimes I feel a tiny twinge of envy at bloggers who get cute little awards from other bloggers. This is very unlike me and every time it happens I wonder what I'm thinking.
22. I love planning lessons. I don't always love teaching them. Sometimes, sure. But I always love planning.
23. My favorite tv shows are reality tv home shows, like Clean Sweep and Sell This House. I can't believe how geeky that makes me sound.
24. I love dogs very much, but I don't want another living being in my home that needs my help with pooping or medical issues.
25. I'm lonely. Sometimes. Someways.


Melissa said...

I could have written half of these. :) Like you, I did the FB meme and can't stop thinking of more (or ones that I should have written instead.)

redheadmomma said...

I loved your 25 more - I do that too.... I did my list and then said, "crap! that would have been good, and that, and that!" Do an additional 25 any time you want - I love reading about people in list form!
btw, re: your reality show tv: I totally understand. I carry so much stress & sadness at times that I don't want to read sad/disturbing books at all. So I read a ton of organzing/decluttering books, and they're safe and they make me happy & focus my mind on something else.

pixiemama said...

I thought the same thing, so I did another list of 25 on my blog, too. I like my second list better.


I linked you.