Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, Old Me

In the wake of falling off the sunnyside bandwagon, I decided to at least try the age old wisdom, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." But if you think I suck at positive, rest assured that I am far, far worse at silence. I don't think I've made it a full two weeks biting my tongue.

So in an effort to approximate niceness as closely as a woman of my character is able, let me say that I am thrilled -- no, deliously happy -- to bid farewell to 2008. Can I get an, "Amen, sister"?

In a year that even Elmo would have to describe as a big pile of poop, you, blogosphere, really saved me. Thanks for being there. Thanks for the eyes and ears, the shoulders and the helping hands. (Blogosphere, clearly you have a great body.) May 2009 bring you unexpected joy, unlimited success, and unconditional love; may I need you less, and may I learn much more.

To keep things on an up note, I leave you with my last Notable and Quotable of 2008:

Rooster: Daddy, do rice cakes come from rice?
Daddy: Yes, rooster, that is true. Good thinking.
Rooster: Do rices grow up and then get big and turn into rice cakes?
Me, climbing in the tub as a last resort to wash a reluctant Peaches' hair: What are you staring at?
Peaches: You!
Me: Why?
Peaches: You're beautiful.
(I still made her wash her hair, though.)
Rooster, after listening to audiobooks: Grammy, have you ever roared to no avail?
Rooster, after listening to more audiobooks: Let's go, daddy! Let's sally forth.
Me: Peaches, that was very naughty the way you were hitting and screaming and pushing.
Peaches: I forgive you.


Niksmom said...

Happy New Year to you, too, my friend! May 2009 be a year of more peace and less stress for you and your family! xo

Oh, and the quotes? Hi.Lar.I.Ous! My fave is the bathtub quote from Peaches, though. What a little love!

Anonymous said...

My son used to say "I forgive you" when he did something wrong. Now it has evolved into "Forgive me" with much drama and prostrating of himself to add emphasis. ;-)

Here's hoping 2009 is a better year, a good year, a year of peace for all of us. Hang in there...

Beth Allums said...

Happy New Year! I'm back - at least gonna try - I feel off the planet - but I'm gonna come back for a new year! Love reading about the rooster!

Anonymous said...

"roared to no avail!" LOVE THIS!!! And yes, I have. Many, many times...

Anonymous said...


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pixiemama said...

I hope this year is a wonderful year for you...