Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Gifts

You thought the title was a metaphor? Why, no. Not today. It's shopping day.

Kyra at This Mom listed some gifts she likes to give/get for holiday time. I thought I'd post one, too. Hers is more helpful, as it has links, but I'm clearly not as ambitious as so many of you... but I know you can find these with your super Google skills:

1. Listening is an Act of Love. This is the Story Corps book available from NPR. NPR has many great gifts; I bought several of the books this year.

2. Amber Chand candles. Amber Chand has other great gifts, too, but the candles are jointly made by Israeli women and Palistinean women, and they are beautiful. Love them.

3. Planet Jill jewelry. Other places make photo jewelry too, and some are cheaper, but none are better. I love Jill. I treasure my bracelet of baby photos.

4. Brian Andreas and Story People. Books, poems, art -- very stylized, and a little can go a long way, but I like it. Sometimes a piece from there reaaaallly hits home.

5. The Grameen Foundation. Hard for me to explain as well as their web site, but they are about microloans. For a RIDICULOUSLY priced tee-shirt that makes you feel good on many levels, I suggest the positivitee for $50 that helps make the world better.

*** Here is one for kids, too: I bought my kids a cd of music -- common kid songs, like Wheels on the Bus -- but they inserted the kids' names into the songs. My. Kids. Adore. These. Like crazy. Happy Googling.

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Casdok said...

The Amber Chand candles sound intereting. Will put my Google skills to work!!