Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Things

The Top Five Good Things From My Day:
  • The Rooster did well at speech therapy today. He followed directions written in drawings to cut out ornaments, and cooperatively hung on them on a tree. It was his last therapy at this place, so I didn't want to bust their bubble and tell them we're Jewish! And, remember, for a Jewish girl, no one loves Christmas more than I do. We get our own tree tomorrow. It'll go right next to our fireplace, where the menorah is on the mantle.
  • J completed his required parenting class hours today, meaning that California's Regional Center system will soon provide us with some ABA support for our boy. J felt the classes were worthwhile. I only wish they hadn't kept him from spending time with my mom and stepdad when they were in town, but I am excited by the prospect of having a behaviorist come help us in the evenings with the Rooster's more problematic behaviors.
  • Miss M came to babysit. We ADORE her. If we win the lottery, we will beg her to quit her job and come live with us and raise our kids for us! Miss M was Peaches' daycare provider when she was a baby, and once in a while she comes to babysit for a few hours. When I got home, the Rooster refused to let her go until she finished one last story, and then he told her, very sweetly, "Goodbye Miss M. See you next time. Have a good vacation. At the Egyptian Pyramids." He made that last part up, but we all agreed it was a nice touch. Peaches said, "I love that Miss M!"
  • I found some holiday presents to give teachers that I think work. I don't know that the recipients will love them as much as I do, but I found gifts that are handmade and the money goes to a charitable foundation that supports women who are rebuilding their lives after overcoming personal tragedies. What could make for a better gift? If I'd gotten these gifts when I was in the classroom, I would have thought, "How cool!" So I bought them.
  • I ate dinner with J. We ate warm food in a quiet place and maintained a thoughtful conversation. I really love that guy. He's pretty wonderful. (And did I mention that he's gorgeous?)

It was a pretty good day.


Niksmom said...

My, my, my. I'd say that all sounds like you pretty much gave the gods the ol' finger! ;-) Glad the day went so great. Soak it up and enjoy! xo

pixiemama said...

Here's to good days & the happy thoughts that fuel them.