Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Regression Sucks

But things were better.
I know, it's because we said it out loud.
I know, development works like that.
I know, that is part of his autism.
I know, this too shall pass.
I know, we could try another diet, more acronyms, some test, etc, etc.
I know, all kids have ups and downs.
I know, he is disregulated.
I know I'm always vowing to complain less.
I know, I know, I know.
But don't you think regression still sucks?


redheadmomma said...

hell, yeah, sister. XO R

pixiemama said...

Yes - for us, regression is often the unacceptable part. I can't wrap my mind around how skills that seemed firmly rooted somehow vanish overnight. And I am so sick and tired of considering the options. Did something change in his (fill in the blank), and there are so many things that fit that I'm up in my office, wishing it all away.

Regression does suck.

jen said...

ohhh how I feel those words...

I remember last spring watching "it" take over again - in places we hadn't seen "it" for months....thinking we'd overcome a hurdle or two only to see them faced once again in the far off distance....ouch.

Your sentiments are definitely accurate: regression sucks - it sucks the life right out of us sometimes. It's a bit like thinking you've trudged your way through the humid, mosquito ridden, bug-infested woods victoriously reaching the clearing! - and though you rest there for a moment, once you're there you realize that there miles & miles of the same challenges ahead of you before your journey is done. I've been there my friend.

Hang in there...