Sunday, August 10, 2008

For those who think I'm silly to make "such a big deal" about John Edwards, I just want to say it another way.

The reason I have such a problem with him is that he cheated on his wife, who was sick with cancer yet still supporting him 100 percent, while saying he should be elected president of the United States because of his moral superiority and his better judgment compared to everyone else; then, to make matters worse, he got caught, and subjected his dying wife to further injustice. While his infidelity disgusts and revolts me, his arrogance, ignorance, sloppiness and stupidity make it clear that he should never become anything close to THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.

Okay, with this, I abandon the political scene and will return to my natural habitat -- wallowing in parenthood angst.

As we pulled away from a drive-thru we'd gone to in desperation for the Rooster - he was STARVING after the park, and we'd gone through all our healthy snacks -- he started polishing off the only fast food we thought was safe (gfcf) to give him -- french fries. I fired up my new iPhone to find out where we could go to a restaurant for healthier gfcf foods for him and found out that McDonald's was sued by a family of an autistic boy. Turns out there is even weird crap in the fries. Guess we're in for more dysregulation.

McDonalds? You stink.

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