Saturday, August 2, 2008

Notable and Quotable Four

Me: I see a fire truck, look kids!
Rooster: Firemen are bad. They grab you and take you away. Then they lock you in the jail!
Me: No, honey, firemen are helpers. They put out the fires.
Rooster: No! No they don't! That's the POLICE.

Rooster: Peaches, will you marry me?
Peaches: NO! I won't. I'm too little.
Grandma (who overheard the above): Rooster, I would be happy to marry you.
Rooster: No, Grandma, I'm not allowed.

Peaches (who has just been told she cannot wear a pair of tap shoes two sizes too big for her with her shorts to school): DAMMIT! For God's SAFE! For! God's! SAFE!

Teacher: Rooster, stop! That's not safe!
Rooster, to teacher: AHHH! I am going to tell your daddy on you!
Teacher (aside): I haven't seen him in 20 years, so I don't think he's really going to care, but you go ahead and tell him if you can find him.


Anonymous said...

Okay, the last two belong in the Reader's Digest or something. Thanks for the smile!

Niksmom said...

OMG, the tap shoes one is too funny!!