Monday, March 1, 2010

When Tragedy Hits Home

We are all related.

I have a friend. I've told you about her before on this blog. We met in a waiting room, waiting for our boys, sometimes amusing our girls while we waited together outside the OT room. One day my son had an emergency, and thank goodness we finally broke the waiting room silence; she lent me a hand in a way that forged instant affection. Elsa. For women who would appear to have so little in common, we share so much.

Elsa is a friend, a fellow blogger, an artist, a wonderful mother, a beautiful person. I wrote a post once wanting people who read here to see her blog and find out about her art. Today, I need you to read her blog for another reason. Elsa has a story about Chile, where there has been such tragedy with the recent 8.8 earthquake. Elsa has a story to tell about her niece, who has struggled through more than any mother should have to in recent weeks and yet remains strong and hopeful. Maybe you can help, or maybe you cannot. But I deeply want to share the story with you. There are so many brave people in the world - you never know who is sitting next to you in a waiting room unless someone speaks first.

Please go visit my friend Elsa Mora's blog. Because we all are related. We are all vulnerable. We all need a helping hand sometime. We are all in waiting rooms eventually. Earthquakes can strike anywhere; tsunamis reach far and wide. We all need hope. We are all family.

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