Saturday, March 13, 2010

Notable and Quotable 15

We've been approaching math from every possible angle, no pun intended, yet after a trillion games, songs, stories, activities (chocolate chip math!), even a great They Might Be Giants math cd, I can still say, "Roo, what is 2 plus 2? Two and two are..." and he will stare vacantly at me while his 3-year-old sister puts up her fingers, counts them, shows him, and says, "FOUR! LOOK! FOUR!" So my first notable and quotable from today comes from trying to do math homework with with my boy. I sat down next to him and picked up his pencil, to which Roo said, "Mommy! Mommy? I work alone!"

Peaches wanted to dress like a ballerina today. Well, her outfit didn't say ballerina to me as much as it said maybe West Side Story Halloween costume attempt, but okay. Then, she kept asking me over and over how to do a "Pee Lay." I tried not to snicker the first time I corrected her, but she adamantly insisted, "No, I want to Pee Lay! PEE LAY, Mama. Peeeeeeeeee Laaaaaaaaaayy," like I was an idiot. And then she would bow, or curtsy, or something that said Pee Lay to her. Wish I put it on YouTube.

I took the kids for haircuts today, and it actually went rather well, by our standards. They looked fantastic, I thought. Grown up and impish and cute. We got home and Roo said, "Mommy, can you put my curls back on me now? I need them."

My Peach isn't always terribly diplomatic or prone to forgiveness. Tonight, though, when her brother threw a temper tantrum because it was time to turn off the TV, she just looked me in the eye for a beat and said, "Everybody can do the best they can. He'll do better tomorrow."

I hope so, Peach. I look forward to it.

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Christine said...

Ah! Can you send peaches to my house? I could use someone telling me that before bed once in awhile!