Sunday, March 21, 2010


We did a LOT of driving this weekend, heading out of town to visit with J's family. On the way home, we hit traffic, and the natives grew restless. We had heard all the cds too many times, and we had bellies full of snacks. It seemed as good a time as any, really.

"Honey, should we talk about autism?" I asked.

And so we did. Grownups up front, a kid in each of the back two rows, some of the eye contact made through mirrors, we talked about what autism is and what it means for our family. At first they seemed interested, though a little uncertain. Then, they seemed comfortable knowing that Rooster has autism, and that is why we have so many helpers all the time; that autism makes Rooster different from us in some ways, but that we are more alike than we are different.

And then they just wanted to know if I could find and play the song with the pirate girls in it just one more time, and if there were any cookies left.

Now that MOM-NOS inspired me, it might be time to take my show on the road: I might be ready to visit the kindergarteners and see if I can get them to understand what autism is and what it means for their class. I might need to go armed with music and some GFCF cookies, there, too.

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jess said...

nicely done, mama .. nicely done