Thursday, March 25, 2010

Total Recall

This week, in addition to the mountain of regular crap, I remembered to do some of the important extras.
I remembered to:
  • send 3 cans of kidney beans in to school with Peaches as required so she could make soup for the homeless;
  • send in gfcf candy for the Rooster's school Easter bag (like any good Jewish Mama);
  • order regular cupcakes for Peaches class birthday party and gfcf cake for the upcoming family celebration;
  • fill out Roo's field trip slip and arrange all the related necessities;
  • gather up evals requested by Roo's potential summer tutor;
  • bring a gift in to school for a friend;
  • pick up prescriptions and Pull-Ups;
  • prep for my mother's upcoming arrival on Saturday;
  • fill out the Census;
  • attend Roo's parent conference;
  • set the DVR so I can find out if Parenthood lives up to the hype;
  • attend an ABA clinical meeting one night and a meeting with the ABA director and "president" on another...

This week, though, I forgot some stuff. I forgot my sense of humor. I forgot to breathe. As they say in the South where I'm from, I forgot my manners.

Still can't quite remember.


jess said...

we all have our moments, sister.

Christine said...

Don't worry -- we love you anyway! Sounds like you have more than your share to worry about!!

pixiemama said...


jen said...

I'll be curious to see what you think of Parenthood - I've watched the first few episodes & am appreciating it thus far...hang in there...I had that week last week as we were preparing to drive to Arizona for spring I'm here holding my breath hoping it continues to be as uneventful as it has been thus far & am so very grateful that we are able to even attempt this ...& acknowledging how far we've come in the past two years...woo hoo!