Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's the Story

I've been a fan of memoir as long as I could read. And lately it's had me thinking more than just a little...

When we reached the verge of the rooster's diagnosis, I scoured the book stores, Google, Amazon, trying to find a family that resembled ours. Naturally, no family does, and yet many families do. And that, right there, what I just said, I think has the makings of an important point -- one that makes me think I might write a memoir. And: SO SHOULD YOU. If you want to.

Yeah, so actually I guess those of us who blog already have. That's true. Here it is. We are telling our stories as they unfold. Those of you whose blogs I read? Now, talk about a "spectrum." Some of you tell your tales with such writerliness that I am awed, and some of you are so funny I snort, and most of you are so much NICER than I am. But here is the part I keep thinking about. How do our stories all relate? Maybe we need to put them all together. Maybe we need to write a communal book, and show lots of other families that our family looks exactly like theirs, and nothing at all like theirs, and that they too are part of our family, and that we want to share this thing with feathers? (And maybe we'd each make a buck? Get some respite and have a potluck?)

Or not. I'm tired. Things are hard. I'm aging. Maybe none of this makes any sense at all. Clearly my judgment lapsed grossly today, as I posted a current photo of my wrecked self on Facebook and didn't even make any self-deprecating comments, letting everyone have their own fun in the privacy of their own homes. (I can hear it now, "Honey, look. Do the bags under my eyes look as bad as HERS do? Wowww, concealer anyone?")

But, just for kicks, I've been wondering what the opening line of a book about the autism blogosphere community I inhabit would look like, how it would start, what would be the through lines, the organization, the first line.

Perhaps if I tried to write a book, it might start something like, "When we reached the verge of the rooster's diagnosis, I scoured the book stores, Google, Amazon, trying to find a family that resembled ours. Naturally, no family does, and yet many families do."

What do you think? Want to throw out a good line? Want to toss in a story? Suggest a narrative arc? Tell me to go to bed because I'm rambling?


Mary said...

I love this idea!!! I often think about how difficult it must be for parents of newly diagnosed children to navigate the blogosphere. When I first started surfing, there were only a handful of autism blogs. Now there are so many, it's got to be overwhelming. And what parent of a newly-diagnosed child has time to sit in front of a computer and wade through it all? How nice it would be for someone to tie up all the best stuff in a neat little bundle.

If you're serious about pursuing this, count me in!

ghkcole said...

MOM-NOS, I've been excited by your comment all day long. Yours was the first blog I read.
How do we proceed? We could create a shared document online, or I pass docs back and forth. I keep thinking we just need an organizing principle, and the thing will write it self, with previous posts woven together with a narrative thread, yes?
So we just need to think of the organizing principle. Is it the timeline of diagnosis? Is it the aspects of life? (home life, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, school, therapies)? I hope we get lots of input from people on this...
The thought of this project energizes me.

Anonymous said...

If you're serious, count me in.

Mama said...

I LOVE this idea too. I'd be in if you wanted to do a communal book. I'm not much of a writer, but I'd gladly share our story. I like the idea of organizing it around the major aspects of life such as birthday parties, bedtime, homework, school, dinner time, therpay, etc. That way people could read the whole kit and caboodle from beginning to end or pick and choose the stuff that scares or frustrates them the most first and then go back and pick up the rest when they find the time since we all know that we rarely have time to do all of everything we'd like to do!

Like I said before, I'm not much of a writer, but I'm in if you want me. Just tell me what you would want me to do and I'm willing to help in any way I can.

Anonymous said...

this is a greeat idea! Count me in for something.