Monday, April 20, 2009

Ready, Set, Go?

If you have ever read this blog before this very minute, you know I'm not the most "half full glass" writer in the world. Or on my block. Maybe in my house, until my husband starts a blog of his own.

But this week one thing feels positive to me. Amid sinus infections, hours up with a child throwing up, heart wrenching headlines, expensive errors, impending IEPs, a thousand variables in summer planning, work stress, concern for friends, and hurt feelings, one thing has me energized, motivated, dare I say optimistic? No, the yoga class my amazing friend talked me into (thanks, S) was simply divine, and I still can't believe I managed to go, but that's not it. No, getting back to healthier eating and seeing hints of the benefits feels good, but that's not it. No, I am fascinated by the B vitamin information I've learned, but that's not it. No, it's amazing that the rooster might get to attend camp for free for two weeks as as special needs son of a Jewish mom, but that's not it. (By now you are thinking that with all this manna I should really be ashamed of myself for griping.)

This collaborative book idea?

Oh, yeah. I love it. Everyone of you who commented last time? Or emailed me? Or FB shouted out? Let's do it. P, of course I'd love your help! There are seven of us, I believe, who feel like contributing something, whether it's writing or brainstorming or proofing. As a July baby, I think seven is a powerful number, and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and plan. I can create a wiki so we have a shared work space for interested parties? We could meet in a video conference? Or someone could just tell me how to start? Because I'm ready to start. Someone just tell me how. This idea is the only thing that tastes like hearty hope in my greedy mouth, and I'm practically drooling for more.

Someone give me some homework? I'll do it, I swear.

Or tell me if we're on the same page? My "vision" or "mission" or "seed" or "concept" is this:
Create a book for parents facing a new diagnosis that tells the story of so many of our experiences: We were scared, we blogged, we connected, it helped us, and now we can share what we did/learned/tried as we encourage you to add your voice and find your own unique way.

The "chapters" or topics I keep contemplating:
  • Diagnosis experiences
  • Blogging/writing/self expression
  • Family Life / Marriage / Divorce / Siblings / Extended Family
  • IEPs / School
  • Therapies / Medication
  • Autism conflicts/ philosophies/the big why?
  • Friendship
  • Birthday Parties
  • Emotions/Acceptance
  • Having a sense of humor
  • Community

Some of the big questions in my mind:

  • Is it simply a putting together of posted blogs? Or is there a narrative throughline? I really think I envision a narrative organizer...
  • What work serves as a good model?
  • How do the comments fit into the story? Is there an interesting way to focus on them?
  • How do we work collaboratively?
  • all that legalish, businesslike stuff... so NOT my forte
I hope those of you who said you're in read this and don't feel like tiptoeing backward while I ramble... I hope I'm on the right track... just someone tell me where to start? I'm so ready, if you are.


ghkcole said...

And what if those of you who think you might be willing to contribute looked back at your posts as a first step and commented here with links to the posts you think would fit into the collaborative book?

ghkcole said...

and someone tell me to shut up already and sleep? I was up all night again and my brain is like old underpants with shot elastic already... good night!

ghkcole said...

and you know I have less than NO TIME for this, right? hmmmm... won't stop me though. if you're in, i am.

redheadmomma said...

hope you got some sleep.... I've been contemplating this. Consider me a backup if someone drops out. XO

phenry said...

I'm in.

Mama said...

I think there ought to be a narative line to it too. I'll look back at old posts and find some that might fit into the book. I'm going to throw more at you than will probably work or be needed just so that you have some choice.
PS. I have no idea what a wiki is so once you set it up you'll have to walk me through how to use one
PPS My email is if you need to contact me about anything

Anonymous said...

If there's room for 8, let me know...

ghkcole said...

Yay! Natalie, ASDMommy, Red, you know I'd love your help!

pixiemama said...

I don't know what my story is, but you know I'm in, with love.

I'm able to do editing and light proofing, if you need that type of support as well.


PBear said...

no longer able to read blogs at work, so I'm behind... :-( Would have loved to be involved in your collaborative book - let me know if you need any help (can't write nearly as well as you, but I'm great at research, talking and listening...if any of that helps.)