Thursday, April 2, 2009

Autism Awareness Day

Happy Autism Awareness Day.

The happy part of my day came when I got home and opened the mail to find a "stunning" (this is my kids' favorite word of the week, thus the quotation marks) tie dye shirt sent to us by Kyra and Fluffy at This Mom. I got so excited I yanked off the shirt Rooster had on and oohed and aahhed over his blue and purple shirt of love and hope and inclusion. I can't wait for tomorrow for him to wear it to school, and I sure hope people ask me about it... they will, because Fluffy did a fabulous job with his mom. Thanks, friends! Don't know about the tie dye shirt project inspired by Alex Barton? Well, here is the low down from This Mom. Now, WHO NEEDS A SHIRT? I need to get five in the mail asap... so comment or email me already. First come, first served... and I will need your snail mail address and size please.

Another nice thing about AAD? While I didn't spread around as much awareness as I might, while working hard to just scrape by, people close to me reached out to share or boost their own awareness. A friend and colleague stopped by my office just to hear how things are going, and I flooded the room, and she gave me a big hug. Another friend and colleague sent me a great article about autism, filled with hope and possibility. She also sent me a link this week for great looking gfcf baked goods... (several of my friends have been watching our backs with these yummy leads.) The Rooster's wonderful first OT dropped me a note just to check in on "our boy" today, even though she hasn't worked with him in two years, and in fact isn't doing the same work at all anymore. It felt good to be reached.

The rooster finally made it through a day of school this week, but by the skin of his teeth, and the grace and kindness of others. For that, I am grateful.

I managed to take both kids BY MYSELF to a healthier version of a fast food restaurant for some gfcf dinner on the way home tonight, and we survived. We didn't go unnoticed, but we survived, and filled our stomachs.

A new bulletin board went up at my school today representing multiculturalism. A mom made it with lots of pictures of our kids expressing "hello" in many different ways. Two glorious pictures show my boy and a sweet girl friend of his bowing to one another, all smiles. As I walked past it, two people commented on the beauty of the image.

I found out today that I have more sick days left than I thought I did, and a few vacation days left too.

In honor of Autism Awareness Day, since I'm toooooooo tireeeedddd for advocacy, I thought I'd tell you all the good stuff I could. I want to finish with a Notable and Quotable.

Nurse to Rooster: You did a great job today! What a good patient!
Rooster: I'm adorable!

Stuart Little (on cd): See that boat? I just HATE that boat over there.
Peaches: That man sounds just like you, mommy.
Me: Why do you say that?
Peaches: Listen, he's saying mean words. Just like you say mean words.

Rooster: Mommy, can I have my Easter matzoh now?


mama edge said...

He IS adorable. And snort-worthy -- made me fall off my chair.

Anonymous said...

HEY? how did i miss this post!! soooooo glad the kids thought the shirt was stunning!