Friday, June 13, 2008

Notable and Quotable Two

It's true I feel old beyond my years.
The rooster asked me today, "Mommy, do you remember the dinosaurs?"

Yesterday I asked the rooster for a hug and he turned me down flat. "Not today, mommy." Dejected, I bowed my head. Peaches, across the yard, shouted, "Peaches to the rescue!" She zoomed her arms over her head, flew into my lap and topped the hug off with a drippy kiss, having just inhaled a popsicle.

In the Sports Chalet today, the rooster asks what we're doing there. I tell him we're looking for toys for daddy. "Toys? Mommy, daddy doesn't need toys. Rooster needs toys, not daddy! Daddy doesn't like toys!"

Happy Father's Day, everybody!


redheadmomma said...

love "peaches to the rescue"!!!! the "Sport Chalet" someplace that's like near La Canada/Flintridge that has a huge mountain in the middle of the store? ?? If it is, I loved that store. I haven't thought about that place in literally decades, but for some reason, my memory is dinging at the words "Sports Chalet"....kind of like "Wienerschnitzel"...(which they most definitely do not have in Seattle).


Niksmom said...

Dinosaurs? Ouch. Um, may I borrow Peaches?? We're going through the same kind of behavior kisses lately unless Daddy tells him to give me one. Sob!:`(

ghkcole said...

Actually, redheadmomma, we were at the one in Burbank, but I KNOW that one you're describing! My husband practically grew up in the Sport Chalet with the huge mountain in it!