Friday, June 20, 2008

Calling All Brainstormers

I have learned without a doubt that among those who read this are some of the best and most prolific brainstormers in America.

So, a challenge for any takers. Not if you are as overwhelmed as I am lately, though... I demand that crazybusy friends not add me to the stress list.

1. What is the best reading to hand to the rooster's teachers in the fall, so that they will "get" my little noncompliant high functioning autistic kid with sensory issues? I don't want to overwhelm them. I want them to go, "OH. Wow. Okay. I see. Thank you! That helped."
2. So two dear friends I've known for more than twenty years (wow how ancient do I feel when I talk in this way) are coming for a visit next month. We are somewhere between YaYa and Traveling Pants sisters. We are alike and different, live in totally different climates from one another, and have vastly differnt body types. I've decided we will be the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pajamas. One is four inches taller than I am and one is ten inches or so smaller around the hips than I am. Anyone know where I find some magic modest soft comfy cute capri drawstring pajamas online?


PBear said...

Asperger Syndrome And Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions For Tantrums, Rage And Meltdowns

Simple Strategies That Work! Helpful Hints for All Educators of Students With Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism, and Related Disabilities

Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues: Practical Solutions for Making Sense of the World

Starting Points: The Basics of Understanding and Supporting Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome

These are all directed towards AS, but can also work for HFA. Brenda is an outstanding writer, researcher, professor and clinician.

Niksmom said...

Wow, those are some great links from pbear! I don't have any specific books to recommend but thought that, perhaps, you could ask that amazing former teacher/current friend (you know, the one who sang on the cell phone w/Rooster) to write a short note to his teachers for next year. Nothing like the input from one who actually KNOWS and has worked with your child.

As for the pj's...try, victoria's secret, land's end, target, or this site:

Sounds like a fun visit!!

MiSScNeLLY said...

How about making a little story book specific to your son for them. Almost the same as a social story with his likes and dislikes and some of the things that they might need to know ahead of time. It's always fun to include pictures. I think they would be more likely to read something personal to him then a published book. Or maybe you can give them a published book as well.. hope that helps!

Mary said...

Can't help you with the pants, but my book recommendation is You're Going To Love This Kid: Teaching Students With Autism in the Inclusive Classroom by Paula Kluth.

pixiemama said...

A really easy read that specifically relates to sensory issues is
The out-of-sync child

Granted, it talks about sensory issues in terms of Sensory Processing Disorder, but you could explain that many, many parents and professionals view SPD as a form of autism.

I'm also a huge fan of the OASIS Guide

pixiemama said...

thanks for the picnic - loved the wine.

right back atcha!