Monday, June 9, 2008

Brain Candy

I have rediscovered fun.

I didn't know I'd lost fun until I had some and savored the rekindling of the long lost flavor.

I play word games on Facebook.

I know, when do I find the time? I admit, for three days I've been sneaking time while standing at our breakfast bar, cooking or packing lunches or paying bills with one hand and unscrambling words with the other.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. God bless the Internet.

Simple pleasure or dangerous addiction, I don't know and as of yet I don't care; I have to run play now and try to top my last score.

It's good to feel like I'm ten amidst what feels often like my ancient years.


redheadmomma said...

I *love* the puzzle/hidden object games on bigfishgames....that's my addiction. I sit there with my laptop in Maya's bedroom and hang out with them while I play on the computer. ;)

Will be in touch soon...

jen:) said...

I think we may just be kindred spirits....word games on facebook are one of my little escapes as well :)

Niksmom said...

I play computer games. DUMB ones like Jardinaines. Imagine PONG plus garden gnomes with an attitude.

Unknown said...

Ditto...the addiction to Scramble and scrabulous...and sneaking a turn in whenever I can. Addition, with a capital A!