Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We are trying to decide if we will need to spend our Mother's Day in the Urgent Care or not. Yesterday the Rooster sunk his teeth into the web of Peaches' hand, leaving red puncture marks on both sides. Today they seem a little angrier -- the marks, not the children. They also seem to be swelling some. Any more and off we go to an expensive excercise in patience and patients.

Happy Mother's Day to you all, and may your day be bite-free.


Niksmom said...

Oh dear. I hope it turns out to be nothing too serious and that Peaches remains intact! And the rest of you, too!

Happy Mother's Day! May the rest of the day unfold peacefully. xo

Sustenance Scout said...

No fun! Hopefully it'll all be over quickly and you'll feel better knowing you had the poor pookie checked out. I always think such outings will be traumatic for everyone involved but usually they're only traumatic for me. :) K.

Mary said...

Hope you're able to skip the ER this Mother's Day.

When the crisis passes and you're able to laugh about children biting their siblings, check out this YouTube video.