Friday, May 30, 2008


What's not funny: Peaches just fell out of bed. Will we all go back to sleep? Oh, please, let's hope so.

What is funny, or, at least, what made the Rooster and me laugh today:
This morning we're driving to school, almost there, stopped at a light at a very urban intersection filled with billboards. Peaches stares intently at one. It is "high fashion" stuff. Model in much need of a sandwich wears a flesh colored mini thing, sort of. The light is long. Peaches says:

Her hiney butt!
I see her hiney butt.
I see that mommy's hiney butt.
Her no have clothes.
Her need clothes! Mama, that mommy need clothes.

Maybe you had to be there?


Niksmom said...

Cute! Hope she's recovered from the bed trauma?

Joeymom said...

That is exactly what I am thinking when I see those boards.