Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big Favor; Please Help

If you were a kid, have a kid, or are a kid, I think you should help a kid named Alex Barton by sending him a card. Why? Because his teacher made him believe that he is not special, not good, not important, and we need to undo what she has done. I believe in the power of words, and the power of kids. I believe in the power of people with goodness to overcome people with vitriol.
Please, if you read this blog, click here, and send a card. I tell you what, go ahead and skip my birthday, and you can take me off the Hanukah and Christmas card list, too, just please send a card to Alex.
Alex Barton might or might not be autistic, he might or might not be ten million other things, but for sure he is a kid, and for sure he is special.

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