Saturday, May 17, 2008


I think it goes without saying what brought to mind this writing exercise format I used to do with my students way back when.

Because I am Tired

Because I never sleep, I was beyond exhausted yesterday
Because I could not hold my eyes open, I had a short temper
Because I had such a short temper, I snapped at Peaches when she refused to brush her teeth
Because I snapped at Peaches, she fussed even more than usual when I tried to tuck her in
Because she fussed so much, I tried the "cry it out method"
Because I let her cry, the Rooster got upset
Because the rooster got upset, I spent a while in his room
Because Peaches heard me in the rooster's room, she screamed for me to come to hers
Because she screamed more, the rooster got up again
Because the rooster got up again, my husband and I each went to a child
Because we spent forever tucking and retucking, we got to bed even later than usual
Because we got to bed so late, my husband tossed and turned, restless like never before
Because he did that, he kept me up
Because he kept me up, I nearly dissolved in tears when the Peaches cried before dawn
Because she cried before dawn, I didn't want her to wake the rooster
Because I wanted the rooster to sleep, I got food for Peaches
Because I got food for Peaches, the rooster heard and woke up
Because they both were up before dawn, I feel a fatigue induced life loathing
I am tired because I am tired; I never sleep because I never sleep

Anyone want to make it a meme?

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