Friday, April 18, 2008

Work, Work, Work

I am NOT going to blog about the awful stomach flu that had me contemplating diving underneath the wheels of the garbage truck yesterday, because I get too queasy just thinking about it.

Instead, I'm thinking about work, which I went back to today. It's bringing up some metaphors for me...

I have an interesting job, one that I love, one at which I work quite hard, one that I helped design. I think people appreciate the work I do, because they get the sense that I help students and teachers learn, and that I care, but I am fairly certain that not many people really know what exactly it is that I do. My title helps very little. On a regular basis I find myself fantasizing about making a little video or business card or poem or who knows what, but something that gives a satisfying answer when people say, "So what do you do at the school?"

How much does all this sound like being a MOM? Imagine trying to define the word MOM. Or write the job description. Now imagine the same for a special needs mom. Yowza.

So, I went back to work today, after being out for two days. Some people didn't even know I had been gone. Why not? Because those people have offices on the same hall as mine, but they don't work in classrooms, and I do, and that is where they rightfully assume I usually am when I'm not around. My desk is not where the bulk, or the substance, of my work is done -- it's done at other people's desks, and usually short people's -- desks with stickers and lollipop lettering.

Other people had become acutely aware of my absence, leaving me emails, voice mails, little notes in my mail box. Most of the things they wanted my help with they can probably do on their own, they often just don't believe that they can. I am working on building their confidence, though I realize that might challenge my job security!

See? More similarities.

(I also had very sweet inquiries about how I was feeling, and many kind get well wishes, and those helped me so much.)

So, maybe when people ask me at work what it is, exactly, that I do, it will help them if I say something like this... "I work with technology, but I'm not a computer teacher. Instead I use technology like a teacher-slash-mother, to help in any way that helps people learn and grow."

Nah, that sounds lame. But cut me some slack. I did just get over the stomach flu of the century. Not that I want to talk about THAT.

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Joeymom said...

That flu ripped through our house, too. And it SUCKS. Glad you got rid of it so quick.