Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Notable and Quotable

I've been trying to figure out the subtle difference I notice lately in my interaction with the rooster. I almost want to describe it as easier, but that's not really it. (Things are easier, and also they are not easier. So what I mean is that all that is a separate issue.)

Still pondering this, I found myself laughing at so many things he said today, a mental list began to form so I could share with everyone. Among the quotables today... (these are also not all for the feint of heart or light of stomach, so read at your own risk)...

Me: Are you going to throw up, Roo?
R: No, I already threw up. I threw up in your CAR!

Me: What's wrong, Rooster?
R: There's poopy in this tub! I want to get out!
Me: Did you accidentally make a poop in the tub?
R: I don't know. There IS poopy in the tub! Get me out! Yuck!

Me: Do you need to throw up, Rooster?
R: No, mommy, I am all done throwupping. Not today, okay?

Me: Roo, do you need to take another bath?
R: No, mommy, I don't want to take a bath. There is poopy in the tub!

R: Mommy, your hair is beautiful!
Me: Thank you, Rooster!
R: Here, let me put a wipe in it!
Me: No! Rooster, don't put the baby wipe in mommy's hair.
(He does it anyway. At least the wipe is unused and clean save for pink finger prints --- he'd been drawing with pink earlier.)
R: Now you are a Queen!

Me: Rooster, why did you pull open that roll of film?
(Editor's Note: Visualizing the unspooled film is important here. It's stretched out like a Slinky.)
R: That's not film, mommy. It's a tornado. It's going to knock down my tower!

So ta da, I put my finger on the subtle difference. It's the volleying. My turn, your turn, my turn again. Sometimes we each get as much as a half dozen turns before the ball bounces away, out of reach... I've waited almost four years for this. The rooster and I are having actual conversations.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, isn't it? Regardless of the subject matter...

Niksmom said...

Wonderful progress indeed. And, hey, now you are a QUEEN! La ti da! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Two-way is great! We are getting little bits of that now. It's coming along.

I'm glad to hear that Rooster is giving you some good times.