Thursday, April 24, 2008


Three posts on one day is excessive to say the least, but I am THRILLED to have been tagged by Joey's mom for a MEME!

5 things found in your bag:
To Do Lists (half done), Thank You notes (half done), cell phone, loose change, thumb drive

5 favorite things in your room: empty space, reading chair, photos, books, Hockney print

5 things you have always wanted to do: sleep, get hypnotized, lose weight, write a book, sleep more

5 things you are currently into:Blogging, web 2.0 tools, research, comfortable shoes, my family

5 people you’d like to tag:Hmmmm... I'd like to tag Redhead Momma, Good Fountain, MOM-NOS, Christine at Day Sixty-Seven, and Jordan, but I feel shy about tagging people, as it's my first time, and I have no idea if anyone is still reading this blog -- I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to read anyone with the gall to post three times in one day!


Joeymom said...

I like multi-posting. Gives us more to read= more fun!!!!

Mary said...

I'm here! I'm reading! I'm just mostly a lurker everywhere these days - will be able to breathe and blog again when the academic year ends in a couple of weeks.

I'm honored to be tagged, and will get to work making my lists. Thanks!

redheadmomma said...

ooh! I'm so happy to be tagged, this is a good meme! I will do this as soon as my stupid-ass project gets completed tomorrow. thanks cutie! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the tag. Like mom-nos, I do a lot of lurking these days, not much time to write comments.