Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day in the Life

I share this because I welcome any suggestions. 


Dear Principal, Teacher, Aides, and Resource Teacher, and After School Teacher

Tonight, as usual, we sent Rooster into the bathroom to brush teeth. In a few minutes, we heard sobbing. We found Rooster curled up in the empty bathtub in his pajamas inconsolable. Below are some of his comments, with hesitancy about using names but I think open communication is important and honestly Rooster appears to be in a crisis:

“When I was born, I wanted to be appreciated. At my school, no one appreciates me. I hate it there! It’s not fair.”

“V tells people I’m not smart.”

“I have friends but I lose friends.”

“My aides and my classmates make rules that are not fair.”

“[My aides] are like bystanders! They don’t help me!”

“I don’t have any friends and the people at school are cruel to me! And no one cares!”

“I want to be accepted but no one will be my friend.”

“My school is full of bullies! No one will play with me! It hurts!”

"I feel so lonely and I don't get any respect from anyone!"

He has never expressed these sentiments before, and self expression has long been hard for him. Rooster tends to put on a lighthearted expression at all times at home and to keep conversations brief. This outpouring of emotion and details shocked us. We don’t simply take all the comments at face value, but we certainly respect that this is how he truly feels. We do not know what brought this on, but we are determined to support him however we can. Today is Valentine’s Day, and our son went to bed talking about being heartbroken, and how he wished he could never speak to anyone again at his school.  He used the word cruel a half dozen times, sobbing and clinging to us, which we have never seen before.

We need to meet as soon as possible. We need a plan to support our son and help him feel safe at school. We need a team of support for Rooster. We need it soon.

Please let us know the first available opportunity to meet. Also, please let us know if there is a counselor or school psychologist who could meet as well. 


Rooster's Family 

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