Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have a new job, and it frightens me how much I like it.
But before I go off on a superstitious rant about that, I have a reason for mentioning this...
Recently as part of my job I had the opportunity to lead a service learning trip to a school for children with moderate to severe autism.
I felt too many things all at one time to know how to explain it all, but some things rang out loud and clear:
I like to be around people who want to treat everyone they meet with dignity.
I like to help people.
I like to learn, to teach, to lead, to grow.
And I love to know there are others who share those passions.

One thing I've been mulling over a bit:
The people at the school we visited said that originally they saw a small population with autism and a large population with Down Syndrome, but that has dramatically flipped, and our group saw only adults with DS who worked there, only children with autism in the classes.

As I said to my group, since there are more and more kids who have autism, in the future there will more and more adults who have autism. We owe it to our entire society to do a better job making the future for ALL OF US the best it can be. We need to invest in education to make the future brighter.

And those are my inarticulate thoughts of the day.

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