Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On We Go

If you asked me this morning how I feel about the frequent news stories about what might or might not cause autism, I would have told you I don't listen to those anymore.

I have two great kids, autism is part of our deal, and on we go.

For some reason, this afternoon while driving I heard that pregnant women who take folic acid blah blah blah, and my stomach soured.

For a moment, the insidious guilt and worry and insecurity wriggled its way through the crevices around my logic and strength and did a sneak attack on my nervous system.

And then? The rest of my brain mooned it. Just took the low road and one-upped that fearful stuff. Said, "Nuh-uh, you stinkin' drama. Git. OUT."

Ask me now. Ask me how much I care that you could Google up six trillion dozen ways from Sunday how I might have invented autism.

What's that? I am sorry, I can't hear your silly question, I'm going to hang out with two great kids (kids I love and who love me, kids who have a good life and kids I wouldn't trade or change) and autism is just part of our deal, and on we go.

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ghkcole said...

Recently I have heard that a woman who was abused as a child is more likely to have autism, as is a woman who lives near an airport, experiences stress while pregnant, and who gets the flu in the first trimester. Poor Rooster never had a chance. Next they will say women with hair bigger than Chaka Kahn are prone to kids with dyscalculia, and I will know everything bad in the whole world is all my fault.