Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Read This: It's Urgent

The world stopped today.

Well, at least, I read something really, really, really good. Maybe the world just paused a moment. But for me it felt big.

Really I should talk about worlds, not world. My work world -- in which I am working on an administrative credential -- felt like it collided with my home world, in which I am the mama (read: fierce advocate) of two children, and one has autism.

Usually, I do not care much for my worlds colliding. I have several unwritten posts littering my head and heart about how those collisions shake me. But today, I read a blog by an educator I admire, a blogger in my Personal Learning Network. I admire this man, a principal, and recently decided to borrow one of his ideas. I appreciate the way his professional blogs get personal, give glimpses into the goodness of his character. The idea I contacted him about, which he shares willingly, has to do with having an Identity Day at school to celebrate the identities of everyone. Everyone. Yeah, I know, right? So I am a fan.

Today I opened his blog and found something that you need to read. I don't care what you do for a living. I don't care what kinds of kids you have. I don't care what world you live in, because his blog should be required reading for voters, and anyone else with a pulse. It shows simple beauty, it shows leadership. It's a world with which I can identify. Enough about me. Please, right now, go meet George, Principal of Change.



Boy Wonder's Mom said...

Thanks for sharing this post! Its nice to know thee are educators who get it!

kim mccafferty said...

Oh, can we clone this man? What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing!

Casdok said...

Will do!

Elizabeth said...

I'm ready to move to Canada, if you'll come along with me!

Thanks for posting about this remarkable man.