Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back Atcha

Dear People We Haven't Met Yet,
When you meet my son, the Rooster, you might like him and you might not. Fair enough, to each his own. But if you decide you don't like him because you make some snap decision devoid of sensitivity and full of assumptions before you even give him half a chance, and then you make no effort to keep your opinions to yourself, then I would say turnabout is fair play; Here is why we won't like you, either:
Clearly, you aren't very bright.
You have bad taste.
You are impatient, and you lack style.
You know nothing about autism, learning differences, or, well, people. Learn a little something, why don't you.
You are funny looking.
You are arrogant.
You hurt our feelings.
You are a dime a dozen; you people must be like bunnies or something. Borrrrring!
We are way too cool for you.
You have NO sense of humor.
And, as my high school buddy used to say back in the South, "We ain't got no time for you!"

I'm sorry, but my Rooster is undeniably one highly likable fella, if only you give him a chance. And you can be sure I can see your bad attitude and raise you, too, if you're talking about my baby.


kristi said...

Amen! I see people be rude to TC, he is way too friendly and he gets ignored a lot. It pisses me off so bad!

kim mccafferty said...

I am SO on your side with this on!