Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ain't We Lucky We Got Em!

Jillsmo, you took the UG out of my UGLY week, giving me a blog award that I don't deserve but will gladly accept because I never win anything and a girl needs a little something when her week smelled like the carpet in the YMCA locker room.

"And, now, I will do my duty as award recipient and follow the rules, which are, as follows:"

Rules for winning this award
Seven things about Rooster's Mama:
1. I am working on getting my administrative credential in Education through Johns Hopkins U and the International Society for Technology in Education.
2. I want to write a book.
3. I have been dreaming about people lately only to wake up and find out something very important happened in their lives. I find that not at all cool or interesting but just creepy, and prefer to dream about Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia lowfat frozen yogurt with full fat hot fudge on top.
4. Lately I've been getting up at 5:15 to meet my neighbor and get in a power walk before school. (Before school? Before 20 million things. Before the marathon called our days.) Even writing that I "power walk" and "at 5:15" sounds weird to me. I really do that? Crazy. Doesn't sound like me at all.
5. People like to talk about my hair. Not me, other people. Some people worry about my hair being big and wild and crazy, and get frustrated by it. Not me, other people. Some people say it's really sad that it's getting way too gray. Not some people, just me actually. Some love it and stop me in the airport or whatever, and that's pretty cool. Okay, I've exhausted my thoughts on the hair thing, but someone else will bring it up today, guaranteed.
6. I miss blogging. I'm too busy. Right now I should be ashamed of myself for taking the time to blog. But I'm not. I am hurrying, though...
7. On my next birthday I will be 40 and for the first time ever I want to have a party.

Passing on the blog:
I LOVE all the bloggers I read, or I wouldn't read them, so I pass this on to ALL 45 of you! You are all versatile beautiful writers and I want to know 7 things aboutcha
That being said, I want to point out some blogs I just lately stumbled on, thanks mostly to following all of you around the blogosphere through your blog rolls, etc. I figure if I just found them, maybe others haven't seen them yet, so here are some blogs I added just lately:


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the shout-out and more importantly, for coming to the fundraiser today. It was wonderful to meet you, and I hope we can get together soon!

Anonymous said...

aw, thanks for listing me! I am really enjoying reading your blog and I'm glad I've discovered you as well. Thank you!!!!

Stephanie O said...

I bow down to your early morning powerwalking. The only thing that gets me out of bed so early is a full bladder.

Hugs. Stephanie (aka Robot Tea)

kim mccafferty said...

Congratulations! I got my M.Ed in admin a while back, you will be surprised at how much you know just from teaching. Best of luck!

shelley said...

Thank you so very much for the shout out. It means a ton. Muah! Oh, and...
1. I'm training to be a yoga teacher, as we speak.
2. It feels life changing.
3. I am from Phoenix.
4. I hate the heat.
5. I love rainy, cold days.
6. On such days, I just want to bake and do yoga and read. On such days, I feel the most me.
7. I really like me.