Friday, January 29, 2010

Notable and Quotable Thirteen

Rooster: I want to play Goldfish.
Me: It's Go Fish.
Rooster: Yeah, I want to play that Goldfish game, but I don't know how.
Me: Why don't you ask P (new ABA guy) how to play.
Me: No, son. You say, "Will you please teach me to play Go Fish?"
Rooster: Will you please teacher mommy to play Go Fish?

Peaches: When did Cleopatra die?
Me: A long time ago.
Peaches: Why?
Me: Why did she die, or why was it a long time ago?
Peaches: Why she died?
Me: Well, she lived a long, long, long time ago, so she can't be alive today.
Peaches: When she died?
Me: Hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
My husband: Thousands!
Peaches: In the old days?
Me: Yes, in the very, very old days.
Peaches: When they used to have telephone booths?


jess said...

i wonder if Cleo liked playing Goldfish :)

Niksmom said...

Ouch. I remember phone booths all too well. Never ran into Cleopatra though...

One Mom said...