Monday, January 18, 2010

Did You Know?

For my money, three day weekends are a bit on the LONG side. But my favorite part of "having the day off" was when Peaches, age 3, talked on the phone to her East Coast Grandma. Grandma wanted to know why Peaches wasn't at school, and below is my best attempt at trying to recreate what I heard, though I was in such shock I might have missed a few things... (in fact, I'm pretty sure Amelia Earhart came up at one point, but I'm at a loss to retrace that path!)

So, after Grandma asked what Peaches was doing at home on a Monday, Peaches replied, "Weeellllll... Did you know, Martin Luther King had a dream? And his real name is Martin Luther King, JUNIOR. And he was friends with Rosa Parks. He didn't like about the water fountains for the light people and the water fountains for the dark people, he wanted everyone to SHARE and be FAIR."

I waited through the pause on my end while, no doubt, my mother tried to ask the right questions to keep Peaches talking, see how far she might be able to go on this topic that clearly so excited her.

"Weeeellll..." Peaches repeated, "A man got a gun and killed him because he didn't like Martin Luther King, JUNIOR talking about sharing. And he didn't like that dream that Martin had. And my mom says that Martin Luther King and Obama don't look that much alike, but I thought so, but they both help people in our country, but Obama lives in a really, really, REALLY big house that is WHITE. And I want to go see it. But my mommy says I can't go see Obama and I don't like that because I want to go."

Happy MLK Day to you.


pixiemama said...

I LOVE her. I do wish there was a cubuz in there.


jess said...

Sounds like she's got it DOWN. ;)

Niksmom said...

I think you need to bring her to see Obama's house. Seriously. :-)

One Mom said...