Friday, January 22, 2010


The harder kid gets easier, the easier kid gets harder, you'd think it'd equal a wash.
I feel like I am losing my mind.
Forget 1,000 paper cuts. I feel like I've been raked by a cheese grater.
My harder kid seems a tick easier, my easier kid seems to have taken a dive off the upper edge of the Grand Canyon.
Yeah, I know, read me the news about Haiti and shut me up already. I hear ya, I hear ya absolutely, friend. But.

Will someone please do something about Peaches? Or with her? Or to her?



redheadmomma said...

I hope this helps: I know what you're going through (boy, do I). Same thing happened to Maya. And it will get much better, when you least expect it. But while you're in the thick of it, focus on those glimpses of joy, of magic, of development. Sometimes they're really hard to see in the battlefield of tantrums. But they're there. You are such a wonderful mom. XOXO R

Anonymous said...

All I can say, friend, is that I can relate!!

Peaches is 3, right?

Sarah is 3, too.

She is really giving us a run for our money right now. Oy. The tantrums!!

I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass as I try to consistently dole out consequences. I will say, consequences do seem to "take" with her far better than they did with the older one. knockonwood, knockonwood, knockonwood

p said...

Hang in there. My little bit (age 3) has been throwing complete meltdown-tantrums. One morning it was because spud got her cereal out FOR her (God forbid someone help!). I had two crying little people on my hands first thing in the morning! Another morning, she threw herself on the floor bawling. I walked away and later reminded her that the window of opportunity for breakfast was closing -- her choice. Sigh... Take deep breaths and speak in soft voices -- it helps me.