Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not What We Bargained For

Despite large-scale prep work, the tantrums began the minute we got to the store. They continued full throttle until we escaped about a half hour later.
J pushed a cart with one child, I pushed a cart with one child, but we bore very different burdens. This time J drew the short straw, but I can't say being 10 feet away made me much happier.
You should have seen how the other shoppers steered clear of us, how the cashiers avoided making eye contact fervently hoping we would choose another aisle.
Had we not needed supplies, I probably would have turned tail and fled empty handed.
There was shrieking, there was whining. There was wailing, there was sobbing. And the flailing? Oh, the flailing.
There were attempts at the lessons we've gleaned from ABA.
There was, "Why don't you take a deep breath?"
There was, "I have an idea...Do you need a hug?"
But no, the downward melting trajectory could not be averted.
And yet, since those calming words came from the Rooster, making his best effort to soothe his ballistic baby sister, it felt like victory amidst the misery.
When I got teary eyed, I wasn't really sad.
My boy has learned more than we realized.
My boy has learned, "Sometimes it helps if you take a nap. Do you want to take a nap?"
My boy has learned, "Let's dry your tears now, it's okay."
My boy has learned, "I love you, sister. You can play with my toy."
Reread this post again, I tell you. All those good words came from my Rooster.
Did you see that one coming? I say, read it again!


Niksmom said...

Goosebumps! Seriously, the kind that spread all the way across my scalp and my cheeks, even! W.O.W!

jess said...




i love the way our kids internalize this stuff. it's all in there.

Anonymous said...

Serious goosebumps. It was bound to happen. And I am so happy for you. Truly celebrate this moment, and all the moments to come.

Anonymous said...

Oh, love this dearly. Gave me tears too!

redheadmomma said...

OMG, that is .... WOW!!!!! I don't even have a word in my vocabulary!!!!! WOW!!!!! Your kiddo ROCKS!

pixiemama said...

Well, having spent a little time with Peaches, I can't say I was TOTALLY SHOCKED.

Rooster, however, never ceases to amaze.

KAL said...

That's truly awesome, go Rooster :)

One Mom said...

Fantastic post...thanks for sharing.

The kiddos never cease to amaze me.