Friday, October 9, 2009

Eskimo Kisses from Los Angeles

Do I live in Alaska or what? Because my days feel long and dark lately.

But I have decided that the best cure for my current funk is to list my best good news:

1. My son tied his shoes tonight for the first time. It took three adults 20 minutes to talk him through it, and talk him out of his melt downs, but it was well worth it. We cheered like we were in Rio when the Olympic committee announced the location for 2012.
2. J came home a few minutes early tonight. Because of that and it being Friday (no lunches to pack, no homework to do, no rush for punctual bedtimes), Peaches and I got the rare opportunity to play a game together -- Candyland! -- on a weeknight.
3. We have a new sub at school. Not just a sub, but a former teacher. We taught across the hall from one another for several years before she moved back East for about the last decade or so. And while I was teaching fifth grade, I taught her son. He was the first boy I ever knew with Asperger's. In fact, before him, I'd never heard of it. I have thought of him, and his mom, many times in the last two years. And now his mom has come back to sub where I work. We had LOTS to talk about. It is great to catch up with K's mom and have someone who gets it back in the community.
4. I have some exciting projects going on at work.
5. The Redskins won their last game.
6. I have 346 points in Scramble.
7. I tried really hard to make it to 10, but I'll settle for this. It's chilly here in Alaska and time for me to hunker down in my parka and conserve energy. See you when I thaw out.


Niksmom said...

Wow, I got chills when I read #1 (and not bc it's cold!). I think that more than makes up for not having 10 discrete items on the list! :-)

And #3. It's always great to have someone you know who "gets it" and who connects with you.

By my estimation, that pushes your list to at least 12. ;-) xo

pixiemama said...

love you. eskimo kisses right back.